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It’s not a corner office that oversees a metropolitan expanse such as New York City, San Francisco or Washington D.C.… you know, where the “9-5” or “Working Girl” heroines in the movies get the rooms with a view at the end. But I never wanted to look upon concrete and cars below or smoggy skies above … and my corner view offers so much more!

AmeriCorps at Little Basin

Name: Matthew Chevalier

AmeriCorps Team Members

My name is Dan Sexton, I am 18 yesrs old, from Canton,Ohio. I currently live with my parents, brother and sister and my dog. Before joining Americorps NCCC, I was in high school and in a Youth build construction training program called Project Rebuild in Canton, Ohio. I joined Americops NCCC because I wasn’t ready to go to college after graduating high school. My favorite project so far was in Sheridan, Wyoming when we spent 2 months building a house with Habitat for Humanity; with my construction background I felt right at home.

Meet the LB AmeriCorps Team

Name: Brad Falco

AmeriCorps Team Members

Hello my name is Sophie Finnerty, and I am from Minnesota. Before AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps I attended an Arts high school called Perpich Center for the Arts Education. I majored in the theatre arts. Before that, I lived in Vermont where I discovered my passion for theatre. I plan on double-majoring in Special Education and a Theatre when I attend Mankato State University in the fall. I will also be a part of the honors program at Mankato State. I got interested in AmeriCorps because my brother also did the same program.

Meeting the AmeriCorps Team at Little Basin

My name is Amanda Payton. I am 24 and from PG County, Maryland. Before AmeriCorps I was completing a Bachelors degree in Sustainability Science at Furman University. I joined AmeriCorps to get a variety of work experience and see new parts of the country. On our team I serve as the current Assistant Team Leader, Project Outreach Liaison, a Service Learning Initiator, and a Life After AmeriCorps Representative.  So far my favorite experience was working on our first project doing wetland restoration in Novato, CA.


AmeriCorps at Little Basin

A little over a week ago, Little Basin welcomed Silver 3, an AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team consisting of 9 members from across the United States. AmeriCorps NCCC is a federally funded program made up of 18 to 24 year olds who serve in communities where there is a demonstrated need. After 10 months of service, members are awarded the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to use towards post- secondary education, as well as to repay federal student loans. 

Bandit Raccoons

Gopher Snakes

The idea of a snake strikes fear in the minds of many people. Oftentimes before a hike, the first question children ask is the likelihood of encountering one of these creatures. I always enjoy encountering a snake. There is a mystery in their swift undulations along the forest floor.

More Than Just a Slug

More than Just a Slug 

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