While leading hikes through the redwood forest, guests often ask me about a strange-looking tree with reddish peeling bark. Children pick the pieces of bark off the ground to show me this intriguing specimen. They are looking at the Pacific Madrone (Arbutus menziesii). While observing this tree they notice its twisted trunk.


By Marlayna Kirby
While leading groups through the forests of Little Basin I often stop to admire the newts living in the shallow creek or wandering along the forest floor. Rough Skinned Newts (Taricha granulosa) are an interesting amphibian inhabitant of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Both children and adults alike find them fascinating.

From the Forests of Little Basin

He’s a fungi!
Many strange and interesting living organisms make their homes within the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains. I find fungi an intriguing and unique organism to encounter. Last weekend the Junior Ranger program focused on decomposition. We explored decaying logs and combed the forest floor for fungi. 


I awake in pure darkness. Most mornings the sunlight valiantly tries to fight its way through the redwood canopy and into our cabin. Today, however the sun is still at rest. The only sound piercing through the night is that of my cabin-mates Ade and Matt snoring. Carefully and quietly I try to gently climb down from the top bunk of my bed. Unfortunately I stumble and almost crash onto the floor. I stay still until I hear the snoring resume, reassured that I have not awoken anyone. I check my watch to ensure I still have time.

AmeriCorps at Little Basin

Little Basin Welcomes AmeriCorps Team


Little Basin Festival

Little Basin 4th Annual “This Land is Your Land” Festival Fast Approaching

Hiking at Little Basin

Hikes on Hikes on Hikes
Christopher “Thunder” Kellison

WOLF Summer Nature Camp Made Tracks in August!

WOLF Summer Nature Camp Made Tracks in August!
by Sergio Typhoon, WOLF School Program Coordinator


Little Basin Festival Press Release

 Saturday, April 26th is the Little Basin Camping Festival.
Check out today’s Press Release on the Festival

Winter Camping

 It may not seem a likely time to go camping but there are some surprisingly enjoyable things about winter camping. While the weather may be unpredictable, if you are well prepared with rain gear and a warm sleeping bag, you can truly enjoy the seasons. One of the greatest advantages is a very quiet campground. Since it is what we call our "shoulder season" (meaning not prime time camping), there are typically plenty of sites to choose from and a peaceful environment. In fact, you may feel like you have the place nearly to yourself.

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