AmeriCorps at Little Basin

Name: Matthew Chevalier

Age: 22
From: Wake Forest, North Carolina
Before AmeriCorps: I graduated college and worked at AutoZone as a Sales Associate.
Education: I attended Western Carolina University located in the Cellphone Valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I received a degree in Political Science with minors in International Studies and Economics.
Why I joined Americorps: I worked with and Americorps VISTA while in school, and he told me about all the programs. I wanted something to do that would help me with my students loans. So, I applied to NCCC and got in.
Favorite Project: As much as I love being here in Little Basin and getting to camp in a redwood forest, I really enjoyed our last project. We were in Big Sur working on trail maintenance with the Ventanna Wilderness Alliance. I came into NCCC wanted to do a trail project because I knew it would be physically demanding and it would get me into healthier shape.
Favorite Part of Little Basin: I love being out in the redwoods and getting to spot all the cool critters. Both of my sisters back home are really jealous, so that’s also a plus!
After Americorps: I have applications in at other americorps programs in Maryland, St. Louis, and parts of North Carolina, so I’m at least planning for another year of service with Americorps. Past that, I’m looking at different graduate schools where I’m primarily looking for good Masters of Public Affairs programs. I hope to eventually get into international nonprofit management.