AmeriCorps Team Members

Hello my name is Sophie Finnerty, and I am from Minnesota. Before AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps I attended an Arts high school called Perpich Center for the Arts Education. I majored in the theatre arts. Before that, I lived in Vermont where I discovered my passion for theatre. I plan on double-majoring in Special Education and a Theatre when I attend Mankato State University in the fall. I will also be a part of the honors program at Mankato State. I got interested in AmeriCorps because my brother also did the same program. I love to travel and this experience has given me the opportunity to do so. I have been to San Francisco, Point Reyes, Disneyland, and the Little Bighorn mass grave. I’ve driven past the Rocky Mountains and hugged Tigger during breakfast. Working at the Little Basin Campground has been the most educational project that I have been on. I know interesting facts about redwood trees now. I am so grateful for these experiences.