Meeting the AmeriCorps Team at Little Basin

My name is Amanda Payton. I am 24 and from PG County, Maryland. Before AmeriCorps I was completing a Bachelors degree in Sustainability Science at Furman University. I joined AmeriCorps to get a variety of work experience and see new parts of the country. On our team I serve as the current Assistant Team Leader, Project Outreach Liaison, a Service Learning Initiator, and a Life After AmeriCorps Representative.  So far my favorite experience was working on our first project doing wetland restoration in Novato, CA. We got to learn a lot about the local flora and assist with ongoing research. On our project here in Little Basin, I’m really looking forward to leading nature hikes on the weekends and being able to share my knowledge of the forest with campers. After AmeriCorps I hope to work for a year either in a VISTA program or in ecology while I apply to graduate school. I hope to get my masters in the field of marine ecology or GIS