Outside My Window

It’s not a corner office that oversees a metropolitan expanse such as New York City, San Francisco or Washington D.C.… you know, where the “9-5” or “Working Girl” heroines in the movies get the rooms with a view at the end. But I never wanted to look upon concrete and cars below or smoggy skies above … and my corner view offers so much more!
I’m a country gal at heart goin’ on two years here at Little Basin State Park. And let me tell y’all, the first critters I sar com’n outta them thar woods was a crew of little deers trying to duck their elders. It was such a cute sight to see ’em munch’n lawn at Little Basin than eat’n my greens and taters in my own backyard. And Lordy … thars lots of ’em here … both the yung’ns ’n ’em big bucks an’ doze. Jus a pleasant sight ter see … and dang nabbit … didn’t have a corn pipe, rock’n chair or my boddel of moonshine on a porch to enjoy the moment … them not eat’n my stuff, I mean. But getting back to my phone voice and my experience here as a professional liaison who loves communicating with people – whether on the phone or in person – one of the most vivid memories I have from my early months here is a little girl in her father’s arms while checking in at Little Basin’s Office for a weekend of camping.
“Daddy, it’s a deer!” she exclaimed as she looked outside the office window. Dad headed outside for a real-life look-see following his daughter’s demand. Except in pictures and TV depictions, she had never seen a deer, for real and alive, in front of her. Sometimes I forget we weren’t all born to country life; sometimes I forget to enjoy that moment. That makes what I do at Little Basin so much more magical … to help as much as I can to make a weekend a special getaway to nature … especially because there are lovely creatures and a wonder to behold … long as they ain’t eat’n my stuff.
- Mary Beth