AmeriCorps at Little Basin

Name: Matthew Chevalier

AmeriCorps Team Members

My name is Dan Sexton, I am 18 yesrs old, from Canton,Ohio. I currently live with my parents, brother and sister and my dog. Before joining Americorps NCCC, I was in high school and in a Youth build construction training program called Project Rebuild in Canton, Ohio. I joined Americops NCCC because I wasn’t ready to go to college after graduating high school. My favorite project so far was in Sheridan, Wyoming when we spent 2 months building a house with Habitat for Humanity; with my construction background I felt right at home.

Meet the LB AmeriCorps Team

Name: Brad Falco

AmeriCorps Team Members

Hello my name is Sophie Finnerty, and I am from Minnesota. Before AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps I attended an Arts high school called Perpich Center for the Arts Education. I majored in the theatre arts. Before that, I lived in Vermont where I discovered my passion for theatre. I plan on double-majoring in Special Education and a Theatre when I attend Mankato State University in the fall. I will also be a part of the honors program at Mankato State. I got interested in AmeriCorps because my brother also did the same program.

Meeting the AmeriCorps Team at Little Basin

My name is Amanda Payton. I am 24 and from PG County, Maryland. Before AmeriCorps I was completing a Bachelors degree in Sustainability Science at Furman University. I joined AmeriCorps to get a variety of work experience and see new parts of the country. On our team I serve as the current Assistant Team Leader, Project Outreach Liaison, a Service Learning Initiator, and a Life After AmeriCorps Representative.  So far my favorite experience was working on our first project doing wetland restoration in Novato, CA.


AmeriCorps at Little Basin

A little over a week ago, Little Basin welcomed Silver 3, an AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team consisting of 9 members from across the United States. AmeriCorps NCCC is a federally funded program made up of 18 to 24 year olds who serve in communities where there is a demonstrated need. After 10 months of service, members are awarded the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to use towards post- secondary education, as well as to repay federal student loans. 

Bandit Raccoons

Gopher Snakes

The idea of a snake strikes fear in the minds of many people. Oftentimes before a hike, the first question children ask is the likelihood of encountering one of these creatures. I always enjoy encountering a snake. There is a mystery in their swift undulations along the forest floor.

More Than Just a Slug

More than Just a Slug 


While leading hikes through the redwood forest, guests often ask me about a strange-looking tree with reddish peeling bark. Children pick the pieces of bark off the ground to show me this intriguing specimen. They are looking at the Pacific Madrone (Arbutus menziesii). While observing this tree they notice its twisted trunk.
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